About Us

Lighthouse provides converting and related services predominantly to the Graphic Arts Community, the packaging industry, and large manufacturers. We service film, paper and paper board mills, merchants, and large printers and end users. We also sell board grades and offer support services to the transportation industry.

Our office staff averages over twenty years in the business. Our warehouse crews over ten years of experience. We pay top wages and benefits to obtain and keep the best people. This ensures that you receive the best quality product in the time promised. It doesn’t make sense for Lighthouse to save $50 on labor costs or equipment maintenance if it costs you $500 in bad quality, missed deadlines, and lost business.

Call during business hours and we’ll give you the quick answers your business demands. (A real person will even answer the phone!) We are accessible 24/7. As we’ve grown, more and more of our business has come from other industries, regions, countries, and even other converters. We treat it as seriously as you do.

NEED CHIPBOARD? We’ve recently made some very good inroads on buying chipboard and we’re able to pass along excellent prices on chipboard to our customers in Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.